Fresh Spring Rolls $7.95

Vermicelli, fresh mint, veggies in rice paper - SVO’s dipping sauce


Miang-Khum $9.95

romaine hearts & baby spinach wraps, grilled prawn, fresh lime, ginger, red onion,

roasted coconut & peanuts - Thai Classic Palm-Sugar sauce


Kabocha Tempura $6.95

natural sweet pumpkin lightly fried to perfection - Sriracha Infused dipping sauce


Tokyo Eggplants $6.95

braised Japanese eggplant - SVO’s Sesame-Ginger-Miso glaze - served cold


Veggies Crispy Rolls $6.95

shredded cabbage, shiitake, carrots, taro, bean threads - Tangy Sweet-Chili sauce


Asian Corn Fritters $7.95

lemongrass, kaffir lime & coriander - SVO’s Sweet-Chili-Plum sauce


Thai Chicken Satay Skewers $7.95

marinated in Thai herbs & grilled - peanut sauce & cucumber relish


D.I.Y. $8.95

sweet-Basil Lettuce Cups sautéed minced chicken in spicy Thai Basil-Chili sauce


Calamari Tempura $7.95

lightly fried crispy & tender –Sriracha Infused dipping sauce


Dim Sum Chicken Spring Roll $7.95

crispy fried, glass noodles, bamboo shoot - Mustard-Plum sauce




(Only available in bowl size for take out)


Aromatic Tom Kha Chicken lemongrass $5.95 /$10.95

galangal, lime juice, coconut milk, Bella mushrooms


Tom Yum Prawns $6.50 /$11.95

Thai style spicy & sour soup, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass & tomatoes


Kang-Jerd $4.95 /$7.95

light and savory Oriental veggies soup, w/glass noodles, Chinese cabbage & tofu


Siam Bay Seafood Soup $14.95

Thai fresh herbs simmered in light & spicy seafood soup - prawns, sea scallops,

New Zealand green mussels, squids & salmon filet


Japanese Miso Soup $5.95

soothing mild flavor veggies soup - Enoki mushrooms, tofu & wakame


Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup $5.50 /$8.95

chicken breast slices, bamboo shoots, egg swirl, tofu & Shiitake





*(Organic Spring Mixed)


Savory-O Salad* $8.95

fried tofu, cucumbers, tomatoes & hardboiled egg - Peanut-Vinaigrette dressing


Chiang-Mai Steak Salad* $10.95

Northern Thai style – fresh mint, red onion, chilies, lime & rice powder


Oriental Chicken Salad $10.95

grilled teriyaki chicken breast slices, Romaine hearts & ice berg, green onion, carrot, toasted almonds & sesame, tossed in SVO’s Sesame Vinaigrette & w/light crispy rice noodle


Chinois Chicken Salad $10.95

grilled chicken breast - Romaine hearts tossed in SVO’s Sesame-Ginger dressing

topped with crispy noodles


Grilled Sirloin Beef Salad* $10.95

lean & tasty with cucumber & tomatoes - SVO’s Japanese Miso dressing


Yum-Yum Glass Noodles Salad $10.95

prawns & minced chicken seasoned with Thai herbs, tomatoes & peanuts,

tossed with light chilies-lime dressing


Classic Thai Larb-Gai (LOW FAT) $10.95

balanced textures & flavors of minced chicken tossed with Thai Herbs, roasted chilies,

rice powder, cilantro & fresh lime juice - served with Romaine hearts


Som-Tum Grilled Prawns (LOW FAT) $10.95

shredded light & crisp green papaya, green beans & tomatoes, tossed with spicy-tangy lime dressing & roasted crushed peanuts





SVO’s Homemade Curries with coconut milk


Savory-O Veggies Deluxe $9.95

spicy & delicate red curry, balanced with sweet Thai basil, Kabocha pumpkins,

carrots and fresh seasonal veggies


Kaeng Dang Pla (Salmon or Wild Alaskan Cod Filet) $13.95

simmered in red curry sauce with Thai herbs, seasonal fresh veggies & fresh Thai basil


Red Curry Seafood Medley $14.95

pink prawns, sea scallops, green mussels - mixed veggies & aromatic sweet basil


Kaeng Karee Chicken $10.95

traditional mild yellow curry, potatoes, carrots & sweet onion, crispy shallot


Khiew Wan Prawns $13.95

emerald curry sauce, green beans, Japanese eggplants & Thai basil


Siam Short-Ribs Green Curry $13.95

boneless tender beef-ribs, Thai basil, Kabocha & fresh veggies






Savory-O Prawns Fried Rice $12.95

pineapple, raisins, cashews, bell, egg, tomatoes - seasoned w/mild curry


Zen Fried Rice $9.95

light & tasty vegetarian fried rice, fresh veggies, diced carrots, peas, onion, egg & tomatoes


Orient Express Fried Rice $9.95

minced chicken - chilies-garlic, bell, egg, green beans & sweet basil


Kao Pad Green Curry $9.95

chicken fried rice in SVO’s Green-Chilies-Basil pesto sauce, green beans & bell


Sen-Jhan Pad Thai $10.95

world famous pan fried rice stick noodles - prawns & chicken breast slices, egg, tofu, chives & bean sprouts - sprinkle with grounded peanuts


Shanghai Noodles $10.95

wok fried Shanghainese style noodles - tender beef or chicken breast slices, Shiitake mushrooms & tender greens


Pad Se-Ew $9.95

fresh rice-noodles flash-fried - chicken, broccoli florets, egg, garlic & sweet soy


Ki-Mao Chicken $9.95

drunken rice noodle - sweet basil, garlic, egg, onion, cabbage & tomatoes

flash-fried with Thai Chilies & Lime sauce


Penang Street Noodles $9.95

flash-fried light & tasty fresh rice noodles - chicken breast slices,superior light soy, scallions & crisp bean sprout


Oriental Udon $10.95

hearty noodles soup bowl - chicken, tofu, Bella mushrooms & seasonal veggies


Pad Thai Combo $13.95

our best seller Sen-Jhan Pad Thai - prawns & chicken breast slices, served with crispy veggies roll & chicken satay with peanut sauce


Emerald Noodles Combo $13.95

prawns & chicken slices, simmered in coconut milk & green curry sauce Kabocha, zucchini, bell & sweet basil, served with steamed rice noodle & crispy veggies roll





( Vegetarian dishes are available upon request)


Savory-O Beef $11.95

sautéed tender beef with sweet peas & seasonal fresh veggies in XO sauce


Korean Beef $13.95

grilled thin Rib-eye slices marinated in traditional Bulgogi sauce, served w/sesame spinach


Savory-Spicy Basil Eggplants $11.95

sautéed with chicken in spicy fresh Chilies-Basil sauce


Kra-Prow Gai $11.95

flash-fried minced chicken, bell, onion & basil with spicy Chilies-Garlic sauce


Phuket Chicken $11.95

sautéed w/fresh ginger, cashew nuts, pineapple & veggies in SVO’s Wine sauce


Zen Tofu $9.95

sautéed with Shiitake mushrooms, snow peas & fresh veggies in Ginger-Garlic sauce


Ginger Wild Alaskan Cod filet $13.95

sautéed in fresh ginger, garlic, Bella mushrooms & mixed veggies


Oriental Salmon $14.95

filet - pan roasted, Star Anise-Mango sauce & Asian-Mango relish, served with steamed asparagus & seasonal fresh veggies


Asian Seafood Inferno $14.95

prawns, tender calamari, natural sweet New Zealand green mussels & large sea scallops, sautéed in SVO’s Chilies sauce


Garlic Prawns sautéed $13.95

garlic, black pepper, Shiitake, onion, veggies & splash of white wine


Sweet Chili Prawns $13.95

sautéed in roasted Chili-Garlic sauce, fresh veggies & Bella mushrooms


Two Buddies Seafood $14.95

prawns & sea scallops sautéed with fresh ginger, Enoki mushrooms,

tomatoes & seasonal veggies in Rice Wine sauce


Three Flavors Salmon (or Wild Alaskan Cod)$13.95

filet sautéed in Chili-Garlic-Plum sauce, sweet onion, fresh peas - served with

steamed fresh veggies


Thai Boxing Stadium Favorite $11.95

grilled honey-coriander marinated pork sirloin, jalapeño-garlic-lime dipping sauce, served with Thai-style cucumber salad


E-Sarn Grilled Chicken North Eastern $11.95

Thai style herbs marinated tender chicken breast, served with sweet-chilies dipping sauce & steamed fresh veggies





Jasmine Rice $2.00

Natural Brown Rice $2.50

Coconut White/Brown Rice $3.00 /$3.50

Thai Style Sticky Rice $2.50

Egg & Veggies Fried Rice $3.95

Roti Bread (each) $2.50

Steamed Rice Stick Noodles $2.50

Steamed Fresh Mixed Veggies $3.95

Organic Spring Mixed Salad $3.95

Cucumber Salad $3.95

Homemade Peanut Sauce $3.95






All our dishes are made with only the freshest ingredients and contain NO added MSG to ensure you the finest dining experience